~A Style for Every Story~

Re'd's Attic - where you can find unique clothing, accessories and more, made proudly in the USA
Our Story is simple, we enjoy making quality handmade items that will be your family's favorite. When you come to shop at Red's Attic, we want you to find a style that fits your story. Our collections have expanded by creating classic comfy clothing that both you and the kids want to wear, toys that children treasure and stretch the imagination, kitchen items that belong in every house and of course items your pet will love to show off for you. 

Our mission is creating a style for every story, and to fulfill a creative online shopping experience.  
~~ All Products are Handmade here in the USA ~~

~Give Back~
We've always seen value in partnering with various local and regional organization to do great things. Special Olympics, Foster Care, animal rescues are just a few we have worked with by providing items to use and sponsoring local events throughout the year. 

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