Custom order- Pet Bandana or Shirt


Custom order- Pet Bandana or Shirt

Request a custom order to design your own pet bandanna or shirt. Use the fabric choices available to build a matching shirt and pants set, or pick out a fun dress fabric for all seasons.

Once you have made your choice, be sure to include all information in the notes, and your order will be processed.

Once the order is placed, please look for an email to confirm all information received or clarify any questions.

SIZING for Pet Bandannas
S - 6" wide at top, 5" long at point, 1" wide collar casing. Fits toy breeds-Yorkies, Chihuahua, and even cats!
M - 8" wide at top, 6" long at point, 1-1/2" wide collar casing. Fits Jack Russells, Shih Tzus
L - 10" wide at top, 8" long at point, 2" wide collar casing. Fits smaller Labs, Basset Hounds, Spaniels
XL - 12" wide at top, 9 1/2" long at point, 2" wide collar casing. Fits large breeds such as Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, larger Labs, and breeds with large necks.

To be sure to get the right size, please include the following measurements in notes to seller to get the right fit. Thank you!

Neck: around neck where collar lays
Chest: around thickest part of chest behind front shoulders
Length: from neck to tail

Neck: 9.5"
Chest: 12-15"
Length: 10-12"

Neck: 10"
Chest: 15-17"
Length: 12-15"

Neck: 11-12"
Chest: 17-20"
Length: 15-17"

Neck: 13"
Chest: 20-23"
Length: 17-20"

XL and XXL - be sure to include all measurements for accurate fit or ask what is the best size and i will be glad to help!
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