Welcome to Red’s Attic! Like all things we love, Red's Attic was born from a whim, nurtured by passion, and grew from unexpected twists gifted along the way. 

In May 2009, Red's Attic was born on a whim when the owner, Shannon, was asked to create a handmade doll for her niece. You could say that creating and style have been in her blood as she spent countles hours with her grandmothers learning how to sew, quilt, and create handmade clothes and toys. It was a natural step to share her designs and creativity with a little inspiration from her family.

Since then, we have begun to offer a full collection for the entire family of handmade accessories and a clothing line - all made with love by Shannon in her studio.  And because our greatest inspiration is listening to what you love, we continue growing.

100% Handmade

Each and every item is hand crafted in North Dakota, USA, comes from an original design. Red's Attic is committed to maintaining the quality of handmade products here in the USA . You’ll see these commitments in our manufacturing practices and in the use of fabrics made here is the USA.

Thank you for stopping by:)


Children's Cuffed Pants

Wood Burned Coasters

Slouchy Hats